Certified Workstations for Flame

We configure HP Z Workstations for Autodesk Flame.

Certified Workstations for Flame

Z Workstations specializes in configuring certified workstations for Autodesk Flame. Our workstations will handle your 3D visual effects, finishing and color grading needs.

HP has a unique relationship with Autodesk. HP Z Workstations are the internal desktop standard throughout Autodesk. This means that Autodesk chooses HP Z Workstations to develop, test, and demo their powerful, cutting-edge 3D design and engineering software. Additionally, Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment creative finishing systems business has standardized on HP Z Workstations for its turnkey solutions, including Autodesk Flame Premium software. This close relationship gives you the confidence that your solution providers will work together to support your needs for years to come.

HP Z Workstations are designed, tested and built for Autodesk users looking for high performance and extreme stability with up to dual Intel® Xeon® processors, professional graphics hardware from NVIDIA and AMD, Microsoft® Windows® operating systems, expanded I/O and massive storage, as well as fast, reliable memory, EPEAT®Gold-rated and ENERGY STAR®-qualified configurations.

All systems configured, shipped and sold by zworkstations.com.
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About Z Workstations

Z Workstations is your leading source for customized audio-, video-, photo-, and enterprise-based HP Z Workstations. Our goal is to step apart from our competitors by:

  1. Offering our clients research-based configuration suggestions best suited for your applications
  2. Preparing your workstation from a base unit purchased only from the most professional vendors around the USA, with new components from the most reputable manufacturers and highest performing models, and
  3. Delivering your turnkey system with custom packaging so you receive an intact and ready-to-use system.

The best part about Z Workstations is that we focus only on HP Z Workstations, so we can offer experienced recommendations for your industry, and with our logical and objective-minded team, you will receive exceptional customer service before and after your purchase, within a timely manner.

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