Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Information

  • Condition - HP Z840/Z460/Z440

    The HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 are the current models in production by HP. We acquire the workstations new from HP resellers around USA. Similarly, the components we install are new. We have different vendors for processors, memory, solid-state drives, hard drives, graphics cards, etc. We have focused on creating this extensive list of vendors to provide the best condition and quality components. The workstations we purchase include base configurations. Once we receive your order, we will use a new, base configuration, workstation and upgrade it to your unique specifications.

  • Condition - HP Z600/Z800 and Z620/Z820

    These models are no longer in production by HP, so it's difficult to find them in new condition. Our workstations are pre-owned by professional institutions including large video editing companies, and governmental/educational facilities. We do not use the term 'refurb' because refurbished items by definition are faulty then repaired/refurbished to working condition again. Our inventory comprises of only workstations that were used by a company, then upgraded. This occurs frequently because larger corporations have every 2-4 year system replacements within their budgets.

    Cosmetically, our units are in good condition (majority still have the new plastic wrapping on the side casing). Our vendors have learned that we are paranoid about the cosmetic condition we acquire. They know that we will complain if they send us poor condition units, so they directly pass it on to our competitors. We never sell units with bends or dents. Units might have light scratches and/or scuffs. If you would like to know the condition of the specific unit you will receive, please contact us with your configuration as our inventory changes on a daily basis.

    Components: If the component is currently in production, we only buy new condition. For examples, memory, hard drives, and solid-state drives are new. As well, the late model graphics cards and majority of the expansion cards / accessories are new. Mainly, only the processors are not new because Intel no longer produces these generation processors. Since the processor is one of the vital components in the workstation, we purchase only from facilities which pulls processors directly; we never purchase from a 'middle man' company. We also inpect the processors to be in Grade A condition. Any component not exceeding our expectations is returned to vendor.

    In General:

    • We purchase only from professional, government, and educational facilities. We never purchase individual units from home users because we found the condition to be lower (excess dust / stench of smoke). The companies we purchase always have non-smoking and clean facilities.
    • All units are examined, tested, and cleaned when they arrive at our location. Once customized, they are tested again.
  • HP Z620/Z820 - Base vs Recommended

    HP produced two generations of the HP Z620/Z820.


    • First Generation
    • Year 2010/11
    • Processor: Intel Xeon E5 v1 (Intel Code Name: Sandy Bridge-EP)
    • Memory: DDR3 1333MHz


    • Second Generation
    • Year 2011/2012
    • Processor: Intel Xeon E5 v2 (Intel Code Name: Ivy Bridge-EP)
    • Memory: DDR3 1866MHz
  • Processors - Intel Xeon E5-1600 vs E6-2600 series

    The main difference between the E5-1600 v3/v4 series and the E5-2600 v3/v4 series is single socket vs. dual socket motherboard compatibility. If you plan to purchase a single processor Z workstation and do not intend to add a second processor, the E5-1600 series processors are fine. If you decide to run a dual processors, the E5-2600 series is your only choice. For many applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk AutoCAD which rely heavily on the single core rather than multi-core, the single processor 6- or 8-core E5-1600 series is fine because you will never achieve improvement by adding a second processor.

    As well, the E5-1600 series provides you with a 15MB cache, while the E5-2600 offers 30MB. This larger sized cache is perfect for applications that rely more on CPU rather than GPU.

  • Graphics Cards - NVIDIA vs. ATI

    NVIDIA has proven themselves as the leader when it comes to performance and technology for performance workstations. Their video cards are consistently more aggressive than the competition. But besides the raw horse power, NVIDIA’s eco-system of different technologies such as: PhysX, CUDA, and 3D Stereo Glasses, revolutionizes the professionals productivity. This is exactly why recommends NVIDIA.

  • SSD vs. Flash Storage

    We purchase and install only:

    • New condition drives - The drive is like the brain of the computer. It holds your operating system, applications, and data. Used drives offered by our competitors can have thousands of usage hours which can cause the drive to fail earlier and lacks the reliability of a new drive. This is why our drives are brand new or pulls from brand new systems.
    • Samsung branded drives - Samsung is known to be the manufacture the highest quality and performing solid-state drives in the market.

    • Solid State Drives (Samsung EVO/PRO 850) are based on SATA3 6GB/s technology which perform about 550MB/s.
    • Flash Storage Drives (Samsung SM951/SM961 NVMe ) are based on PCIe technology. NVMe PCIe drives are the latest and fastest on the market. The SM951 drives perform at about 1250-1750MB/s while the newer SM961 drives perform at 1500-2500MB/s. These exceed the performance of Intel Enterprise drives which cost multiples more.
  • Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt does not come standard with the HP Z Workstation. HP manufactures a PCIe Thunderbolt card that has one Thunderbolt 2 (20GB/s) port. It is compatible with all HP Z640/Z840 units and the 'Recommended' HP Z620/Z820 units.

    Thunderbolt is not compatible with the 'Base' HP Z620/Z820 units or the HP Z600/Z800 units. These models come with onboard USB 3.0 (5GB/s). USB-C (10GB/s) and eSATA (6GB/s) are optional via PCIe.

  • USB 3

    The Z840/Z640/Z440/Z820/Z620 come standard with USB 3.0.
    An optional 4-port USB 3.0 card is available for Z600 and Z800 models.

    We also offer:

    • USB 3.1 - Latest technology. Also known as USB-C. Performs at 10GB/s. Double the performance of USB 3.0 (5GB/s)
    • eSATA - an earlier port for external hard drives. Performs at 6GB/s, but majority of hard drives now come standard with USB 3.0 instead since it's more universal.
  • Applications

    Systems ship with a fresh install of the operating system you select on the configuration tool. can divide drives into multiple partitions and install multiple configurations upon request. Depending on your configuration and operating systems, there might be an additional charge. Please contact us for more information. also offers turn-key systems. We can install the professional applications of your choice. Once you receive, you simply enter your user account / registration information then start working. Depending on your configuration and applications, there might be an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

  • Mac OS

    Unfortunately, the Mac operating system (OS) is not compatible with the HP Z Workstations because the Mac OS does not have the HP Z Workstations hardware drivers. Mac OS can only be run on specific PC hardware as a 'Hackintosh' because Apple incorporates only specific drivers within the operating system. Because majority of the hardware in the Z Workstations are newer technology than Apple offers, it's not possible to run the Mac OS.

    If you require a powerful editing workstation, but Mac OS is a must, please visit our other company iBuildMacs.

  • Custom Builds - Thunderbolt 3 / Multi-GPU

    The HP Z Workstations are great because HP spends millions on research and development. They are solid workstations. After customizing hundreds of HP Z Workstations, we've encountered a couple faulty power supplies and motherboards. With the brilliant HP design, it literally takes 2 minutes to replace a power supply and less than 10 minutes to replace an entire motherboard. The HP Z Workstation is praised by major studios worldwide.

    Unfortunately, while the proprietary HP chassis design allows for easy component replacement, fantastic air flow, tremendous reliability and compatibility, there are a couple limitations:

    • The HP Z840 has the option of a 925w and 1125w power supply. By default, we only stock the more powerful 1125w power supplies because we customize performance workstations. However, with each performance processor using 150w and each graphics card using 250w, it limits the number of graphics cards. The Z640 supports two moderate powered graphics cards or one high powered graphics card. The Z840 supports three moderate powered graphics cards or two high powered graphics card. If you are seeking a workstation with more than two performance graphics cards, such as installing three or four or six GTX Titan X graphics cards, we can customize a system using an enterprise motherboard and a super 1500w or 2000w power supply to support an editing monster.
    • Similarly, HP has released the Thunderbolt 2 card, but not the a Thunderbolt 3 card. Only Asus currently manufactures a Thunderbolt 3 card, but it is by Asus and compatible only with Asus motherboards.

    For the HP Z Workstations, only Thunderbolt 2 and USB-C is available currently.

    If your workstation must have Thunderbolt 3 or several high performance graphics cards, we do have custom workstation solutions available. We offer this service to customers who require a component that HP is not compatible with.

    If you provide the specifications you are looking for via our configuration tool, we can provide a quote based on a custom built (non-HP) workstation.

Company Information

  • Payment

    PayPal is our primary merchant because of their excellent customer service - representatives in the USA quickly come to the phone. Also, they offer both Buyer and Seller Protection. Thus, you can feel comfortable that your payment and purchase are protected. If you do not have a PayPal account or you prefer to not pay with PayPal, we have several other payment options:

    1) PayPal - If you checkout directly through the site, PayPal will require you to login. If you do not have a PayPal account, that is fine; there is a work around. We can send you a PayPal invoice to your email account. You will receive a notification email with the pending invoice. Click on the 'Pay via Credit Card' link in the email and you will be directed to a PayPal page where you input your credit card information and shipping details. This way, you don't have to go through the hassle of signing up for a PayPal account, yet you take advantage of PayPal's secure system and protection.

    2) Amazon Payments - If you are a frequent Amazon customer, paying by Amazon may be convenient since you already have your payment and shipping details already stored in your Amazon account.

    3) Stripe - If you would like to pay directly, we can charge your credit or debit card directly. Please call us and we will complete the process over the phone. This way, your credit card information will not be lingering in email records.

    4) Cashiers Check - If you would like to save 3% on your order, you can mail us a cashiers check. We typically prepare the order the day after the payment is received. Sometimes we even ship the next day. Contact us for the mailing address. We also accept cash if you are local.

    5) Venmo - a simple mobile app that allows people to send each other money using your phone number or email address. They charge the buyer 3% fee on credit cards and some debit cards. Since it's free for us to receive money, we will offer a 3% discount for Venmo payment.

  • Build Time

    If all the components part of your configuration are in stock (most cases), we will ship your HP Z Workstation within 2-4 business days.

    If a component must be ordered, it can take 4-6 business days.

    Compare that with the average 10-15 days from most of our competitors, or 1-2 months from HP.

    If you are in a rush to receive your HP Z Workstation, please contact us with your exact configuration and we will provide a more accurate time frame.

    If you are in the Los Angeles area, you also have the option of picking up your computer from our location the moment it is prepared.

  • Financing

    Unfortunately, we do not offer direct financing. We have found that our interest rates would not be competitive, so we have not pursued this option. We do however accept all major credit cards, cashiers checks, and government and educational PO's.

    PayPal has a financing program called PayPal Credit. Once you are approved, PayPal will release the funds into your PayPal account. You pay us for the order. You receive your order, then pay monthly payments to PayPal. Visit here for the application and details.

  • Price Matching

    There are many types of resellers. Some selling only components. Some selling default/base configuration systems without the knowledge of requirements of specialty industries or high performance components. Some competing to have the lowest price by using lower quality parts and putting much less time into preparing the workstation correctly or supporting it. Others striving to provide the highest quality and performance workstations with complete support. is obviously the latter type! Because of those differences, a direct pricing comparison is not possible. However, if you do find an identical configuration HP Z Workstation for a lower price by a reputable company, we do encourage you to approach us about it.

    We do beat HP Direct prices. We are confident our prices are lower than HP because kept their prices in mind when developing our pricing structure. However, if you find a lower priced configuration from HP Direct, please ask the HP representative to provide you with a formal quote. If you created a configuration on the configuration tool, please send us a screen shot of the quote.

  • Location is based in Los Angeles, CA -- just a few miles from the intersection of the 101 and 405 freeways near to Sherman Oaks . At this time, we operate as an internet business only, but you are welcome to stop by our location and chat! Without the cost of sales clerks, the monthly rent for a retail facility, and all the associated costs, we are able to greatly reduce our margins on every system we sell. This means lower prices for you. At the moment we are doing quite well in this position, and have no intention of opening a retail facility. It is our primary goal to provide quality systems and great customer service at the fair prices.

    Plus, if you are local in Los Angeles, you are welcome to pick up. For quantity orders, we may offer free local delivery.

  • Shipping
    • HP Z840/Z640/Z440 - since these models are new, we typically will use the original HP packaging to ship in. If the unit has lots of configurations which adds weight, we will add more packaging material to make the workstation extra secure.
    • HP Z600/Z800/Z620/Z820 - we use double wall boxes with foam surrounding the entire unit. We have shipped HP Z Workstations to many countries across every continent. We will make sure your workstation arrives safely.

    FedEx Ground within the US:

    • West Coast: 1-2 business days
    • Central States: 3-4 business days
    • East Coast: 4-5 business days

    If you would like next-day or second-day air, please contact us for a quote.

    Shipping options to Canada:

    • FedEx Ground (4-5 business days): $150
    • FedEx Express (1-3 business days): $300

    Shipping options to all other countries:

    • FedEx Express (2-3 business days): $400

    Shipping Rates Table

  • Returns

    Our HP Z Workstations come with a:

    • 14-day return period - if you are not happy with your workstation(s) for any reason, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to resolve the problem.
    • 1 year warranty period on Z840/Z640/Z440 workstations and 60 days warranty on previous generation workstations - you can be comfortable with your purchase knowing that in the rare case something happens, we will take care of it. Even after the warranty period, we will be here to assist you. Please see 'Warranty' and 'After Warranty' sections below for more information.
  • Warranty offers a one year warranty period on HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 workstations, and 60 days warranty on the HP Z820 Z620 Z800 Z600 workstations. We limit our warranty period to 1 year and 60 days, respectively, because we strive to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We can easily offer a longer warranty period on our workstations, but with longer warranty, comes higher support costs for all customers. Thus, we are proud to offer an extended one and two year warranty periods to buyers who require it due to company purchasing requirements or customers who prefer the peace of mind. For more information on the extended warranty, please visit the 'After Warranty' section below.

    We purchase our HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 workstations direct from authorized HP resellers. Earlier models no longer in production by HP are acquired from professional facilities. The components we stock are primarily new. Further, we test our workstations thoroughly prior to and after the customization. We are confident our workstations will perform fine for years to come. We test the units for about 1.5 hours. In the rare case there is an issue, it will typically occur within the first day or two of starting to stress the unit. If the unit performs fine for the first few days, it will be fine for years to come. This is because if there is a faulty component installed, it will quickly become apparent. Otherwise, the HP Z Workstations are resilient systems and will run strong.

    Our competitors install used components, so it is important for them to offer extended warranty periods. If they don't, they will have big problems. For us at, having a faulty component after 6 months or a year is slim to none.

  • After Warranty

    Whether you purchased a workstation from us a week ago, a month ago, or 2 years ago, we offer phone and email support for the duration of you owning the system. We have a tremendous amount of experience, thus can easily diagnose issues...typically faster and easier than HP direct. If your warranty period has expired, we will help diagnose the problem, help locating the replacement component or offer the replacement component directly at cost, and even provide replacement instructions.

    We stand by our product 100%. We sell only HP Z Workstations. It's what we deal with all day, every day. When it comes to expertise in the product, other companies cannot compete.

    Extended Warranty:
    If you are a buyer of a institution that requires a longer warranty duration or you simply prefer the peace of mind, we can offer an one year warranty period on the latest model HP Z640 and Z840 for 10% of the workstation value. For example, if the Z640 build price is $4,500, the one year warranty will be $450. To request this warranty, please contact us.

  • Bulk Orders

    Customizing systems in large quantities can be more time efficient, so we can pass along those savings in the form of a discount. We consider those discounts on a case by case basis. Contact us for custom pricing if you are ordering 5 or more computers at one time.

    Delivery Times:
    Normally, a large quantity does not significantly lengthen our standard 2 to 6 day preparation time. Usually, we request only a few additional days on 10 of more units.

  • International Orders

    International customers are responsible for all brokerage fees, taxes and import duties. is not involved with determining or collecting those costs. These costs vary by country, so we cannot tell you how much cost to expect. Your local customs agency can provide this information. Your shipping carrier will communicate your final costs for collection just before delivery.

    International customers are responsible for shipping costs for warranty repairs or part replacements. is proud to be able to offer our workstations internationally, but the high costs of shipping mean that we can only service other countries to individuals who are willing to accept the potential of these costs.

    The HP Z Workstation power supplies are manufactured per international specifications. They are compatible with all international voltages and outlets.

    The power cords we provide are for US style wall sockets only. If you require a different style power plug, you must source that cable locally.


New: Purchased new from a HP authorized distributor. Never used. Ships in original manufacturer packaging.

Refurbished: Pulled from corporate environment in working condition. Tested upon arrival at our location and also after customization. Cosmetically grade A or B. Overall in good condition, but could have light scratches / scuffs. Ships in double-wall brown box with durable packaging material.