Machine Learning Workstations

We configure turn-key HP Z Workstations for Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Workstations

Discover the power of HP Z Workstations to accelerate your development and get your solutions to market. For deployments on the edge, HP Z Workstations are designed for 24/7 duty with scalability for the most demanding inferencing delivering high bandwidth and low latency.

When developing a Machine Learning solution you want a platform that can optimize your time-to-solution. HP Z Workstations have the performance and capacity to enable large training sets, fast results, and iterations with high quality. Get to market faster, increase your solution confidence, or both. And for edge deployments, HP Z Workstations are designed to a higher standard than ordinary PCs to support continuous operation in commercial environments, with top performance for demanding inferencing like video analytics.

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Development Workstation

Development is heavy lifting! Big GPUs, and often several of them, are essential to cranking through training of your model with lots of data. You will also need multiple CPU cores, large (and fast) storage, and fast I/O to condition your dataset and feed data to the GPU. How much is enough? If you have modest training set sizes of <100 GB then try our HP Z4 development configuration. For large sets of >100 GB or more we recommend the HP Z8, our ultimate development platform, supporting up to 3 high-end GPUs and all the other resources you’ll need to match them.

HP ML Developers Portal

To help your Machine Learning model development, HP has created the HP ML Developers Portal to provide the tools and documentation needed to install a high-performance, validated Machine Learning environment on your HP Z Workstation. Visit for information and frequent updates.

Deployment Workstation

Deploy on the network’s edge when you have big data and need fast response for tasks like video analytics in a retail or factory environment. You’ll need lots of cores and a good GPU. For manageability, Windows or Linux® work equally as well. HP Workstations provide all of this and offer 24/7 duty cycles and industrial strength performance so only one may be needed to service multiple devices.

Configuration Recommendations

HP Z8 G4 Workstation

  • 12 cores, 3.0 GHz base frequency | Intel Xeon Gold 6136
  • 192GB (12x 16GB) of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC Memory
  • 512GB NVMe M.2 Solid-State Drive
  • 512GB NVMe M.2 Solid-State Drive
  • 4TB 7200RPM SATA 3.5" Hard Drive


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