NVIDIA Quadro GP100 16GB



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Product Information

The NVIDIA Tesla K80 is based on the 2014 generation Kepler chipset. The NVIDIA Quadro GP100 is based on the 2017 generation Pascal chipset. NVIDIA released the GP100 as a hybrid between the Tesla and Quadro cards. It has all the features of the Tesla including double precision performace, full ECC memory, and higher memory interface and bandwidth, while having active cooling support and display connections that the Quadro offers. The GP100 is capable of four 5K displays or dual 8K displays.

Even though the GP100 has less GPU memory and CUDA cores than the K80, the GP100 has the newer Pascal chipset, has higher peak single and double precision floating point precision (almost double), has improved memory bandwidth, and has active cooling support which is vital for workstations under heavy workloads.


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