I’m very glad that I decided to go with ZWorkstaions for my purchase, they have so many different configurations to fit every need and budget. With all those available choices I ended up having many more questions than I thought I would, and Jon took the time to thoroughly walk me through all my options, helping every step of the way, making sure I ended up with the perfect system for my workflow. Top-notch customer service, expert knowledge, and top of the line parts and build quality. Would recommend them to anyone!

Joe, TV/Film Editor

I cant say enough good things about my experience with zworkstations. I bought a Z800 for my audio recording studio. My Z800 computer has been a quality workhorse for me and met all the challenges ive thrown at it. Recently i had an issue with my power supply and sales manager Jon Soliemon went above and beyond to get me back up and running quickly. I got immediate quality communications from Jon. He had the part over nighted to me and i was backup and running. I would highly recommend buying from zworkstations!

Jason, Recording Engineer
Audio Recording

I needed a really fast workstation and current offerings from HP / Dell / Apple were seriously outdated and overpriced. I had resigned to assembling my own computer from parts when I came across zworkstations.com. They built me a bona fide HP Z workstation with the latest 22 core Xeon and NVIDIA GPU, at a price substantially below what HP charges for inferior configs. The CPU fans are whisper quiet even at max compute load and the machine has already run a number of heavy multi-day compute jobs with no problems at all. The Z staff have been very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend working with them, and will likely buy my next computer from them.

Boris Dimitrov, Computer Scientist

I was in need of a solid workstation that delivers in reliability and performance! The techs at Zworkstations.com put great effort into giving me just that, a reliable beast of a machine! I bought a Z640 and it screams! For sure, this is the fastest and quietest PC I have ever had and I couldn't be happier with it! In fact, I couldn't even find a dealer in my own country, I am grateful I found these guys cuz they rock!!

Billy N, Information Technology
Redhat Virtualization Host

Zworkstations.com is the best! These guys know what they're doing! So far I've built 2 custom HP Workstations with them (a Z840 and Z820). Definitely the fastest machines I've ever had. Great service/support, competitive pricing, and amazing computers! I won't buy from anyone else at this point...

Steve D, Animator