Why Choose Us



ZWorkstations.com' mission is to provide our clients with superior service, high quality products, and knowledge you can trust. At ZWorkstations.com, we pride ourselves in working together as a team to give our clients the best customer service. We are passionate about our industry; this is why we strive to go above and beyond our customers' expectations. We believe support is key and no idea is too big for us to conquer.


All staff of ZWorkstations.com are veterans in the IT industry.

  • Throughout the years, we have spoken with hundreds of creative professionals and engineers. We understand the important factors with software and hardware compatibility and what hardware is ideal for popular applications utilized.
  • Because of our creativity in introducing new configurations and components options for the HP Z Workstation, we undergo the trial and error process, which renders expertise of the HP Z Workstation.

Research and Innovation

We focus 100% of development to HP Z Workstations.

  • We have spent countless hours reading blogs/forums/articles about the configuration needs of applications.
  • We stay up-to-date on high performance computing forums reading about components and hardware compatibility.
  • We experiment on HP Z Workstations to offer new configuration and upgrade options.

The research, experiments, and testing of ZWorkstations.com leads to new configuration and component options for the HP Z Workstation, which ultimately benefits your productivity.

Ultimate Goal

ZWorkstations.com provides recommendations aimed toward your target use of the HP Z Workstation, which are based on experience, research, and knowledge – while keeping your budget in mind.

ZWorkstations.com delivers quality products with exemplary customer service at a fair price.



ZWorkstations.com has professional, consistent vendors with which we have a steady and positive relationship. Our vendors include HP resellers and distributors including Tech Data and Ingram Micro for components.


ZWorkstations.com acquires HP Z Workstations and components in new condition with manufacturer warranty.

Returns and Warranty

Our HP Z Workstations come with a 14-day return and one year warranty period. You can be comfortable with your purchase knowing that if, in the rare case something happens, we will take care of it. Even after the warranty period, we will be here to assist you.


Workstations arriving at ZWorkstations.com

Once a pallet arrives at ZWorkstations.com, each unit is thoroughly inspected. Our HP Z Workstations are stored inside our secure, nonsmoking, and temperature-controlled location.

Once Your Order is Placed

We check orders frequently during business hours. As soon as we receive your order, we will process it through our back-end system and inventory. If a component is not in stock, we place the order through our vendor with express shipment.

Our HP Z Workstations are prepared using the highest rated brand and model components. For example, we use the Samsung 860 series SATA SSD, Samsung 970 series NVMe SSD, and Western Digital 7200rpm hard drives, which have the best reputation and performance on the market.

Testing of your HP Z Workstation includes:

  • One hour of power-on activity with our test drive performing sporadic tasks to ensure there is no abnormal behavior.
  • One hour of power on activity with your drive while installing the operating system, updates, and hardware drivers.
  • A CPU and GPU stress test.

Z Workstation en Route to You

ZWorkstations.com ships HP Z Workstations in a double wall box (5 layers) with custom manufactured foam molding that surrounds the handle, legs, and every corner of your HP Z Worktation. This ensures safe delivery of your HP Z Workstation.


ZWorkstations.com was founded in 2016 with the purpose of:

  • offering industry professionals the ability to completely customize an HP Z Workstation editing system perfect for their specific needs.
  • satisfying a growing need for a higher level of quality, service, and customer satisfaction demanded in the entertainment industry. This means you will not be passed off to long hold times or forced to wait until Monday during a weekend emergency.

ZWorkstations.com is a cutting edge company focused on providing a large array of HP workstations for video/audio/photo editing and enterprise server solutions. Unlike competitors who use us as a slate for ideas, ZWorkstations.com focuses on originality, superiority, and innovation, which has allowed them to rise to the #1 most reputable and large-scale HP Z Workstation specialist nationally. ZWorkstations.com currently configures an average of 100 HP Z Workstations per month to enterprise facilities and audio/photo/video industry professionals and studios.


One example of going above and beyond for our customers, and enthusiasm of taking the HP Z Workstation to the next level: In June 2017, a fortune 500 company contacted us to purchase 15 HP Z840 Workstations for a unique project. After speaking with the software producers and coming up with ideal configurations with specialty components, the IT Director stated that he preferred Intel Core i7 processors to match his other current and previous projects. We contacted the Z Workstation department within HP, which is a group of surprisingly knowledgeable technical professionals. We asked if the HP Z640 is compatible with i7 processors. His answer, "We never tested it."

We found it mind boggling that HP, an internationally known hardware manufacturer that spends millions on research and development on the Z Workstation doesn't test their workstation with a Intel Core i7 processor. It actually stirs up why we originally founded ZWorkstations.com, but I won't get into that now. So we set out on our own research. The HP Zx40 series uses Intel Xeon E5 v3 and v4 processors which have the LGA2011-3 socket. After some research, we found the Intel Core i7 Extreme processors released in Q2'16 also use the LGA2011-3 socket. We figured the only reason the i7 will not work is if HP specifically disabled them in the BIOS. So we went for a mid-day journey to a local Fry's Electronics and purchased an i7-6800K Extreme Edition processor. We pulled a HP Z440 Workstation from the shelf and installed the processor. Success! The system posted, went to Windows 10, and accurately displayed the processor in the 'System Information'. We now offer our customers the option to purchase the HP Z440 and Z640 Workstations with the Intel Core i7 Extreme processors.

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