Why Choose Us

Founded in 2016, ZWorkstations Inc. has established itself as a niche supplier of Dell, Lenovo, and Supermicro workstations. While there are other hardware suppliers that offer workstations, servers and gaming computers, we have dedicated ourselves to customizing branded workstations to serve the needs of engineers, product designers, architects, video editors, data scientists, and more.

As an agile and growing company focused solely on branded workstations, we are able to offer certain advantages compared to our competitors and manufacturer.

Lead Time

We are fast… very fast. We typically ship within 1-2 weeks depending on stock, but oftentimes within several days. During the 2021 supply chain and chip shortage, we were able to ship within 1-2 weeks while Dell.com would take 1-2 months. Our rapid fulfillment and delivery speed continues to this day.

Pre-sales Support

Configuring a workstation precisely to your needs may be a daunting task, which is why we offer pre-sales support. Simply call or email us with your budget and use-case, and we'll provide you with several fitting configuration options and our thoughts on each one. No jumping through complicated phone menus like Dell.com or talking to someone outside the US… call us and you'll speak with an exceptionally knowledgeable human right away. We understand how to choose the right hardware based on your software on a deeply technical level.

Advanced Configuration Options

Simply put, we provide options that Dell.com doesn't provide. This includes NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, AJA and Blackmagic capture cards, fiber optic networking, a variety of Linux distributions, dual boot setup, 3Dconnexion CAD mice, and much more. Combine that with our highly-praised and easy-to-use configuration tool, you'll find the workstation you need in no time.

"Inside Baseball" Knowledge

Dell, Lenovo, and Supermicro workstations are seemingly infinitely configurable and with that flexibility comes nuggets of knowledge only an expert system builder will be familiar with. For example, depending on your graphics card or amount of memory, additional supporting hardware such as front fans and special memory cooling solutions will be installed to provide maximum performance. These components are unlisted in our configuration tool, but are automatically installed in your workstation. With Dell.com, these options must be manually selected and if not chosen, a subpar workstation would be provided.

In addition, given our singular focus on branded workstations and overall knowledge of the greater parts ecosystem, we include not only branded parts, but parts that are specific to a model and its unique configuration. For example, we use specific types of Dell branded SSD adaptors based on the workstation model, number of SSDs installed and connection type. It's that precise.

Turn-key Solutions

We want you to be productive immediately after plugging in your workstation. Therefore, we go beyond Dell.com and provide turn-key workstations for Adobe, Autodesk, AVID, Ansys, DaVinci Resolve and many other software packages. This includes optimizing BIOS options based on software recommendations, installing the necessary drivers and software packages, and performance tuning. Log-in and start creating on day one.

Streamlined Ordering

The supply-chain challenges of the early 2020s have impacted the semiconductor and related industries, but with our company, if you see a component on our site, you can be certain it's available within a reasonable lead time and at a competitive price. You will not have to wait over 30 days to get something or spend 30 minutes on hold to talk to someone. Not even close.

We make it easy to talk to us and as a result, our Purchase Order workflow is extremely straight-forward. Getting your company registered, purchase order approved and having ZWorkstations Inc. complete vendor registration and other paperwork, all within one business day, is standard procedure for us. No hassles, back-and-forth or waiting on hold. We get it done quickly.


Branded workstations lead the industry in high performance computing, and as such, these systems are deserving of the best components. All new, current generation workstations have a 2-year warranty. All components are from reputable brands (such as Intel, Samsung, NVIDIA, and Dell) which also have their own respective manufacturer warranty since we use retail models.

Tech Support

If something goes wrong or you just have a question about your workstation, we're here to help. Call or email us and we will immediately jump into action. Our Los Angeles-based tech support team, who are experienced in customizing thousands of workstations, will quickly and efficiently troubleshoot your issues in a variety of ways that go beyond Dell.com, including remote desktop and FaceTime/WhatsApp to pinpoint the exact issue and provide support. Our goal is to solve your issue efficiently and with minimal downtime. Even if a bat has somehow nested inside of your workstation, we will help resolve the issue (true story).

ZWorkstations Inc. is an independent distribution channel. [+]

ZWorkstations Inc. is an independent distribution channel and is not associated with Dell Inc, Super Micro Computer Inc, or Lenovo Group Limited. Dell™ and Dell Precision™ are trademarks of Dell Inc. Supermicro™ and A+ SuperWorkstation™ are trademarks of Super Micro Computer Inc. Lenovo™ and Lenovo ThinkStation™ are trademarks of Lenovo Group Limited.


New: Purchased new from manufacturer authorized distributors. Never used. Ships in original manufacturer packaging.

Refurbished: Pulled from corporate environment in working condition. Tested upon arrival at our location and also after customization. Cosmetically grade A or B. Overall in good condition, but could have light scratches / scuffs. Ships in double-wall brown box with durable packaging material.